Simon Raptis
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  • Trinapolio g. 9a, Vilnius 08337, Lietuva


5-10 years

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Fitness & co, Nutrition, Bodybuilding


Grand Academy of Military Athletics, Greece

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Weight Loss, Strength Training, Muscular Definition, Muscle Gain, Nutrition, Swimming lessons


English, Other

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Ex-military Trainer in Special Forces with more than 10 years of experience. Personal Trainer, Strength Coach, Sports Nutritionist, Military Fitness Trainer. Bodybuilding, strength training, general fitness. Your goal, my job!!!Marathon runner, long distance swimmer, boot camp trainer. I emphasize in hard training and right training. You want to build muscles? You want to lose weight? You want that fitness body? You want to build endurance and get stronger? All you have to do is give maximum effort and consistency, the rest leave them to me. I use all me experience and dedication on my trainees, choose a realistic goal for them and through hard training, guidance and nutrition plans we always get the results we want. You will find me at Impuls Trinapolio in Vilnius where i use it as my training headquarters but of course i can train you at your favorite gym. Also, for those who want to try my Boot Camp, this sessions take place outdoors. Contact me to arrange a meeting and to find the best plan for you!

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