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Introducing the Lympo NFT Staking Platform, stake your Lympo NFTs and $SPORT or partner tokens to earn extra rewards. Utilize your Lympo NFTs to their maximum potential — start staking today!

What is NFT Staking

NFT staking refers to the process of locking up your NFT for a certain period. By doing so, you take part in the Lympo ecosystem and get rewarded for your efforts.

It's a way to put your unique Lympo assets to work and earn $SPORT or Lympo partner tokens as a reward. Simply choose the NFTs you want to stake, add $SPORT or partner tokens to the pool and earn based on the number of tokens you're staking!

Lympo NFT staking allows you to earn more from your Lympo assets while remaining the owner of your NFTs, and you can choose to unstake at any time.

Start your journey in the Lympo NFT staking platform — put your assets to work and earn extra rewards!


Staking pools

Choose from these pools and stake your Lympo assets to earn more $SPORT or partner tokens.
Connect your wallet to start staking in this staking pool

How does it work?

Select Lympo NFT to stake

To start your staking journey, select which Lympo NFTs you want to stake. Remember that the rewards generated depend directly on the rarity of the NFT cards staked. The rarer the card, the more $SPORT or partner tokens you earn. The amount of NFTs you can stake will depend on the pool you select.
<span>Select Lympo</span> NFT to stake

Add SPORT or partner tokens

Once you've determined which NFT cards you want to stake, choose a pool you want to participate in. Each pool is unique - some utilize and reward $SPORT token only, others use a mix of $SPORT and partner token. There are also variations in reward models - choose the right fit for you!

Your NFT rarity will define the total amount of tokens you can stake and thus influence the size of earned rewards.
<span>Add</span> SPORT or partner tokens

Stake Earning!

After you have your Lympo NFTs and $SPORT or partner tokens staked, wait for your rewards to accumulate! Your rewards get accumulated daily based on the amount of $SPORT or partner tokens you’ve staked.

Earn rewards continuously or un-stake and utilize your NFTs elsewhere at any time.
<span>Stake </span> Earning!

What are the rewards?

Participating in NFT staking on the Lympo NFT staking platform rewards you in $SPORT or partner tokens, based on which pool you've joined.

$SPORT tokens are the primary utility token powering the whole Lympo ecosystem. In addition, all $SPORT holders are eligible to participate in Lympo NFT minting pools to earn exclusive NFTs, backed by the IP rights of world-famous athletes.

The number of $SPORT tokens earned on the Lympo NFT staking platform depends on the rarity of NFT cards staked — meaning the rarer the cards you choose to stake, the more $SPORT or partner tokens you'll be able to stake and earn more significant daily rewards.

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